CoreFlex 14/05RGBW

Completely encased in transparent plastic, our CoreFlex provides accents, particularly in indirect applications. IP68 and IK10 protection ensures that it withstands even the most adverse environmental conditions and external influences.

The CoreFlex 14/05RGBW comes equipped with a high-quality RGB LED chip, which can simulate a wide range of coloured light, as well as a 2700 K chip for warm, white light with a CRI Ra > 90. Thanks to our assembly service, ordering this LED strip provides you not only a roll of the product, but rather a lighting system suitable for underwater use, which can be used safely in outdoor areas such as spa and wellness areas or swimming pools.

MultiColor Flex 14/RGBW

CoreFlex 14/RGB

CoreFlex 14/RGB

CoreFlex 14/RGB

CoreFlex 14/RGB

CoreFlex 14/DualWhite

Technical data

Light colourRGBW
Luminous flux440 - 800 lm/m
Power33,7 W/m
Light surfaceTransparent
Colour temperatures2700K + RGB
CRIRa > 90 (2700 K Chip)
Voltage24 V
IP protection class stripIP68
IP protection class connectorsIP68
IK protection classIK08

Technical drawing

Assembly service

Be it 5.7 cm or 5.13 m – we cut the strip to the dimensions that you need, and provide the connectors and end-caps to ensure that you receive a self-contained, IP68-protected lighting system suitable for permanent underwater use. Further information on the connector and end-cap variants can be found on the data sheets.

Areas of application

Cove lighting
Pathway lighting
Underwater lighting
Stair lighting
Ceiling lighting
Handrail lighting
Spa lighting
Club lighting