LinearColor Flex 8/05RGBW

With its sleek shape and completely homogenous and diffuse luminous output, the LinearColor Flex 8 is the right choice for direct lighting in design-sensitive installations. Because of its design, it is highly flexible along its horizontal axis, while also enabling vertical radii in excess of 1000 mm.

The LinearColor Flex 8/05RGBW comes equipped with a high-quality RGB LED chip, which can simulate a wide range of coloured light, as well as a 2700 K chip for warm, white light with a CRI Ra > 90. The range of connector variants available from our assembly service enable the creation of endless, continuous lines of light, or any kind of bespoke lighting.

LinearColor Flex

LinearColor Flex 8/RGB

LinearColor Flex 8/RGB

LinearColor Flex 8/RGB

LinearColor Flex 8/RGB

LinearColor Flex 8/DualWhite

Technical data

Light colourRGBW
Luminous flux170 - 340 lm/m
Power33,7 W/m
Light surfaceDiffuse
Colour temperatures2700K + RGB-Version
Voltage24 V
IP protection class stripIP68
IP protection class connectorsIP68
IK protection classIK10

Technical drawing

Assembly service

Be it 5.7 cm or 5.13 m – we cut the strip to the dimensions that you need, and provide the connectors and end-caps to ensure that you receive a self-contained, IP68-protected lighting system suitable for permanent underwater use. Further information on the connector and end-cap variants can be found on the data sheets.

Areas of application

Façade accentuation
Bespoke lighting
Direct pathway lighting
Stair lighting
Architectural staging
Floor lighting
Garden lighting
Barn lighting