LinearColor Flex 8/DualWhite

With its sleek shape and completely homogenous and diffuse luminous output, the LinearColor Flex 8 is the right choice for direct lighting in design-sensitive installations. Because of its design, it is highly flexible along its horizontal axis, while also enabling vertical radii in excess of 1000 mm.

The LinearColor Flex 8/DualWhite comes with two different high-quality, Japanese LED, and 2700 K and 5000 K chips. The perfect product for all dynamic white applications and Human Centric Lighting concepts. The range of connector variants available from our assembly service enable the creation of endless, continuous lines of light, or any kind of bespoke lighting. Ordering this LED strip provides you not only a roll of the product, but rather an LED strip suitable for underwater use, which can be used safely in outdoor areas or even in livestock breeding facilities ‒ offering new possibilities for Tunable White concepts

Technical data

Light colourDualWhite
Luminous flux170 - 320 lm/m
Power9,6 - 19,2 W/m
Light surfaceDiffuse
Colour temperatures2700K - 5000K
CRI> 90 (at 5000 K > 80)
Voltage24 V
IP protection class stripIP68
IP protection class connectorsIP68
IK protection classIK10

Technical drawing

Assembly service

Be it 5 cm or 10 m – we cut the strip to the dimensions that you need, and provide the connectors and end-caps to ensure that you receive a self-contained, IP68-protected lighting system suitable for permanent underwater use. Further information on the connector and end-cap variants can be found on the data sheets.

Areas of application

Human Centric Lighting (HCL)
Façade accentuation
Bespoke lighting
Direct pathway lighting
Stair lighting
Architectural staging
Floor lighting
Garden lighting
Barn lighting