Our philosophy

Expertise, aesthetics, the personal touch – three cornerstones which direct our daily activities, and which ensure that our corporate focus is not merely on the product or its design, but also on humanity.

Döllken Profiles GmbH was established in Weimar, Thuringia, in 1991 – today, with approximately 480 employees, we are one of the best-known and most technologically advanced extrusion companies in the world. Following two decades of positive business development in the field of technical plastic profiles, our proximity to the birthplace of the Bauhaus movement led to the concept of opening up new horizons in the lighting industry, and the founding of Döllken Lighting marked the start of a new era in flexible IP68 LED strips.

Plastic and electronics as high-value core competencies

The electronic components of a lighting product mark the physical embodiment of the creative spark behind atmospheric, aesthetic and functional lighting situations. In order to have the right product for every idea, our flexible LED strips rely on our own expertise and exclusively German production.

Thanks to our sheathing extrusion technology, we can for example create an IP68 LED strip which works perfectly at depths of up to 3250 m (and yes, we have actually tested it!) and which has IK10 protection and can therefore even be used as floor lighting. Its halogen and chlorine-free plastic also allows it to be used on ships or in sensitive areas, while its resistance to attack from microbiological and various chemical sources provides a solution for almost any technical or architectural challenge.

Over the past eight years, we have moved forward with initiatives ranging from the selection of high-quality LED chips, through the manufacture and assembly of the final product, to a 100% quality management system. Our systems can therefore be installed worldwide, safely and in a wide variety of conditions.

The personal touch as the crucial differentiating factor

Our products are developed, produced and installed by human beings. They are made for people, and are there to simplify and enrich our lives, and take us to new realms of emotion. To achieve this, we use the entire creative potential of our partners, be they our employees, customers, designers, engineers or artists’ collectives, to develop our systems and treat our environment with respect on a daily basis.

Design as an obvious limitation on aesthetics

The symbiosis of our manufacturing expertise, our technical know-how and the influence of our fellow human beings and the environment results in a system which is second to none. Be it an LED strip or linear luminaire, for indoor or outdoor use, or focused on aesthetics or functionality.

In keeping with the Bauhaus concept, the external aspects of our systems are kept to a minimum. The functionality and usefulness of the product is fundamental – its interior. The result is a clear structure which pursues a goal – of inspiring you and showcasing its creative design. We offer not merely an LED module, but an entire system into which to implement your ideas in a unique manner.