The lighting integration, whether in architecture, industry or product development, requires a high level of service from the manufacturer of the luminaires. Subsequent planning or special installation requirements demand adaptability and flexibility in order to create coherent and long-lasting solutions. Our service therefore includes all relevant project steps from consulting and planning to the installation of the finished LED strips within a project.

Step 1

  • Holistic consideration of your project’s needs
  • Developing offers or finding independent project partners
  • Creation of complete cost transparency and security for your own project

Step 2

  • Individual design and concept development in the exterior and interior
  • Connection of aesthetics and function
  • Luminaire selection from Döllken Lighting products and third-party brands

Step 3

  • Development of customized special products
  • Development of circuits for adapting electrical and lighting characteristics
  • Profile development for special luminaire geometries and adapted mounting profiles

Step 4

  • Finding professional electrical planning
  • Use of current, professional standards and coordination of all trades
  • Planning of control cabinets and light management systems

Step 5

  • Production of individual LED strip and cable lengths per order
  • Connection types can be selected depending on the application and installation
  • Use of individual cable harnesses and connectors for easy system integration

Step 6

  • Transfer of product-specific knowledge about Döllken Lighting products
  • Certification of partner companies for extended guarantees
  • Product-independent lighting and electrotechnical training courses at user level

Step 7

  • On-time delivery and professional installation of delivered products
  • Implementation with your own installation team or finding of independent partner companies
  • Flexible scheduling and quick reactions

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