Private Villa, Poland

The stylish and simple lighting concept in the interior of the private property in Poland is significantly influenced by our LED strips, because our LinearColor Flex 8 can be found throughout the house: in the kitchen, in the bedroom and dressing room or as bathroom lighting, the strips produce thanks with their high color quality, a natural and warm lighting that creates a cozy atmosphere.
It should be functional, aesthetic, but above all unobtrusive, so that it can be perfectly integrated into modern furnishings. Installed both directly and indirectly, our LinearColor Flex 8 shines in warm white 2,700 K and thus underlines the clean chic furnishing style.
Thanks to the versatility of this project, you can see that our LinearColor Flex LED strips are the ideal solution for interior lighting. Not only do they provide pleasant and natural lighting, but they are also energy-saving and durable. Due to their uncomplicated attachment option, they can be used almost anywhere and adapt perfectly to the facility.


Product: LinearColor Flex 8/1110/2K7


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