Private new building, Mömbris, Germany

A total of around 140 m Cubica LS 80 in the light-up version and around 25 m Cubu 80, all in white, were laid. The result shows a harmonious connection between light and classic skirting boards.
There are no visible cabling or electronic devices on the strips in the house, as the electrical planning was already tackled during the construction phase and the integration of the system was considered from the start. All strips can be switched on and off in the classic way using a wall button or centrally using a SmartHome system.
The Cubica LS creates cozy lighting accents for the building owner and impresses everyone involved with its simple installation.


Products: Cubica LS 80 and Cubu 80


Here you will also find all information about the project and the Cubica LS 80, bundled as a short video (German version only).