MeinSchiff series since 2016, TUI Cruises

A trip on one of the almost 300 m long cruise ships of MeinSchiff series with a capacity of more than 2000 passengers is definitely an unforgettable experience. Besides several restaurants and bars, sports facilities and various sun and pool decks, the illuminated railing is an absolute highlight.
Our MultiColor Flex 14/5 accentuates, among other things, the railing which runs around the upper decks. Therefore, it generates a recognition factor of MeinSchiff’s cruise ships from far away. The discreet illumination is not only for orientation on deck but creates due to the choice of a 3000 K LED strip an ambience of well-being for the passengers on this very special place.


Product: MultiColor Flex 14/5/3K0
Customer: Glamox AS
Photos: © Oliver Asmussen


Here you can find more information about various possible uses on board.