Nammos Village, Mykonos, Greece

Nammos Village is the address for an exclusive shopping experience on Mykonos. The park which was designed according to the Cycladic architecture is illuminated in a discreet light in the evening and therefore invites for a stay. For one thing, our LinearColor Flex 8 highlights the stair-shaped pools and for another, it is an eye-catcher as circular in-ground light in the center of the park and thus creates an absolute feel-good atmosphere for all visitors.


Products: LinearColor Flex 8/400 3K, LinearColor Flex 8/400 4K and LinearColor Flex 8/800 3K
Architecture: AREA Architecture | Frantzeskos Nickolas
Landscape architecture: Greenways | Hanikian Karolos
Lighting design: IFI architectural lighting works
Photos: Yannis Kontos